"Ecate" is the seventh and latest album from Italian power trio, Ufomammut.  Ecate is the ancient Greek goddess of the three worlds; The World of Humans, The World of the Gods and The World of the Dead. Throughout the centuries, her powerful figure has transformed in shape and meaning.  As were many pagan deities, she came to be viewed as a negative entity associated with witchcraft and black magic by the Christian church. 

Ufomammut’s “Ecate" is composed of six separate tracks, each one is a representation of one of her many manifestations. This album is surely an evolution in terms of composition and song structure.   “Ecate” takes the epic nature of their last Neurot release, “ORO”, and distils it further into something more concise, aggressive, and yet as complex as the goddess, Ecate herself.  Here the band continues to climb and further expand upon their previous works by infusing them into "Ecate", giving the past a new form. Just as the goddess presents herself in three different forms, so too the music moves between multiple levels of existence. 

Ufomammut was formed in 1999 in Italy by Poia, Urlo and Vita. They are recognized worldwide as the creators of a unique brand of psychedelic sludge. With epic torrents of sound, droning vocals and a trance inducing miasma of textures, the band combines a monumental riffing attitude with the psychedelia of the more visionary Pink Floyd.

In 2014, Supernatural Cat (record label of Malleus Rock Art lab, artistic collective featuring Urlo and Poia with Lu) released XV, a visual journey to celebrate 15 years of Ufomammut. . The dvd includes over three hours of live footage — including Magickal Mastery Live, a 12 song live act — interviews, outtakes, and extras all documenting these first fifteen years of the band.




UFOMAMMUT’s status as one of the most potent, powerful and artistic contemporary doom artists in existence continues to captivate the masses, and the band’s worldwide grasp grows wider with each release.



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COMING SOONUfomammut, Ecate, 2015 - NR093

COMING SOONUfomammut, ORO - Opus Alter, 2012 - NR080

CDUfomammut, ORO - Opus Primum, 2012 - NR079

• Stone deaf forever, Compilation, Red Sun recs, 1999

• Blue Explosion, Tribute to Blue Cheer, Compilation, Black Widow, 2000

• The Mobs new plan, Compilation, Waterdragons recs, 2000

• Daredevil, Compilation, Daredevil recs, 2000

• Godlike Snake, full lenght cd/lp, Beard of Stars, 2000

• Snailking, full lenght cd, The Music Cartel, 2004

• Lucifer Songs, full lenght cd/dvd lp/dvd, Rocketrecs/Supernatural Cat, 2005

• Supernaturals, Ufomammut & Lento, full lenght cd, Supernatural Cat, 2007

• Idolum, full lenght cd, 2lp+cd, Supernatutal Cat, 2008

• Snailking, full lenght double vinyl, Supernatural Cat, 2009

• EVE, full lenght cd, LP+cd+dvd, Supernatural Cat, 2010

• ORO - Opus Primum, full lenght cd, Neurot Recordings, 2012

• ORO - Opus Primum LP: Designed by Malleus, released by Supernatural Cat, 2012

• ORO - Opus Alter, full lenght cd, Neurot Recordings, 2012

• ORO - Opus Alter LP: Designed by Malleus, released by Supernatural Cat, 2012

• XV – 15 years of Ufomammut: DVD - Documentary and Live set, Supernatural Cat, 2014


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Downloadable 'Ecate' BIO (.pdf) - 2015

Downloadable BIO (.pdf) - 2011

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Photos by: Andrea Tomas Prato





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Sun 18 August 2017 - Hellfest - Clisson, FR
Fri 04 August 2017 - Disintegrate Your Ignorance Fest - Giavera del Montello, IT
Sat 05 August 2017 - Lake on fire Festival - Rohrbach in Oberösterreich, Austria

Wed 06 September 2017 - Volta - Moscow, RU
Thu 07 September 2017 - MOD - St. Petersburg, RU


Sat 30 September 2017 - La Boule Noire - Paris, FR
Sun 01 October 2017 - Le Ferrailleur - Nantes, FR
Tue 03 October 2017 - Borderline - London, UK
Wed 04 October 2017 - Magasin 4 - Brussels, BEL
Thu 05 October 2017 - Schlachthof - Wiesbaden, DE
Fri 06 October 2017 - Up in Smoke Festival - Pratteln, CH
Sat 07 October 2017 - Soulcrusher Festival @ Doornroosje Festival - Nijmegen, NL
Sun 08 October 2017 - Forum - Bielefeld, DE
Tue 10 October 2017 - Blitz - Oslo, DK
Wed 11 October 2017 - Klub Undergangen - Stockholm, NOR
Fri 13 October 2017i - Korjaamo Blowup VOL. 3  Festival - Helsinki, FIN
Sat 14 October 2017 - Olympia-Kortelli - Tampere, FIN
Mon 16 October 2017 - KB 18 - Copenhagen, DK
Tue 17 October 2017 - Lido - Berlin, DE
Wed 18 October 2017 - Markthalle - Hamburg, DE
Thu 19 October 2017 - Werk 2 - Leipzig, POL
Fri 20 October 2017 - Firley - Wroclaw, POL
Sat 21 October 2017 - 007 - Prague, CZ
Sun 22 October 2017  - Keep It Doom Festival - Munich, DE


Official Site: www.ufomammut.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/ufomammut
Twitter: twitter.com/ufomammutmafia
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Ufomammut


Ecate – Recording Sessions

ORO – Opus Alter “Oroborus”

ORO – Opus Primum, Full Video

"EVE Part 1″ – Visuals (Visuals by Malleus)

GOD” – Live at Arena – Wien – 2011

“ EVE part. 5″ – Live at Roadburn 2011 – Tilburg


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Poia – Guitars and fx
Urlo – Bass, vocals and synths
Vita – Drummer

Ciccio : Soundlord
Lu: visuals



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