AmberAsylum is a filmic fusion of modern classical and post-rock, where arias and art songs meet in a pale field of electronic disturbance. Recognized for their contributions on albums from such luminaries as Neurosis, Swans, and Today Is The Day, AmberAsylum plumbs the crevasse between noise and beauty and thrives on the tension and balancing act between classical, post-rock and metal. Equally at home in the opera house or the smoky, raucous din of an underground metal show, AmberAsylum’s romantic, effect driven electric strings and traditional rock rhythm bed craft a sound that is progressive and uniquely their own.

“Amber Asylum: If Cradle of Filth have taught the world anything, it’s to never underestimate the appeal of beautiful women to a crowd of metal geeks. Sure, Japanese-born porn star Saki St. Jermaine was signing DVDs in the back, but here were four lovely ladies engaging in a dark fusion of neoclassical and somber gothic minimalism in the middle of the second day, on the big, brightly-lit Crash stage no less. Looks or no, Amber Asylum sculpted a mood in that sweaty hall more bleak and intense than many of the fest’s purveyors of comic book “evil,” born from a desolate yet firm-handed emotional space that sure felt like funereal doom metal if it didn’t sound like it. Percussive electric cello, tender and fierce electric violin sawing and a syrup-immersed rhythm section draped around sweet vocals for the perfect antidote to the cavalcade of pissed off males. Not that there’s anything objectionable about pissed off males at a metal festival, but Amber Asylum’s brief respite reminded the respectful crowd that there are many paths to one darkness.”
– Jeff Pizek, Milwaukee Metalfest XVI, CRC Pulse Magazine, Issue 12

AmberAsylum Line-Up:
Kris Force: guitar, electric violin, and voice
Jackie Perez Gratz: guitar, electric cello
Lorraine Rath: electric bass, flute and voice
Sarah Wiener: drum kit, percussion, and piano


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CDFrozen in Amber, 2003 - NR 016


AmberAsylum Full Albums:

GardenOfLove/AutonomySuite/StillPoint/Serenade 2006, EP, Paradigms

GardenOfLove/AutonomySuite/StillPoint 2005, 10” vinyl, Bio-Fidelic

Frozen in Amber 2003, reissue with additional tracks, Neurot Recordings

The Supernatural Parlour Collection 2000, Release Entertainment/Relapse Records

Songs of Sex and Death 1999, Release Entertainment/Relapse Records

The Natural Philosophy of Love 1997, Release Entertainment/Relapse Records

Avenging and Bright/I Have a Bonnet 1997, 7” vinyl, Eishaus

Frozen in Amber 1996, Elfenblut/Misanthropy

Looking Glass 1995, 7” picture disc, Fireball


AmberAsylum Contributions to Compilations:

Tribute to Dead Can Dance: The Lotus Eaters 2004 Black Lotus Records, Greece

Various Artists: Neurot Recordings I 2004, Neurot Recordings

Slight Touch of Grace 2003, Release Entertainment/Relapse

Infernal Proteus 2002, The Anja Offensive

Funeral Songs 2001 Crowd Control/Release Entertainment

Contaminated V 2001, Relapse Records

Songs to A Goddess: A Tribute to Tori Amos 2001 Cleopatra

Deprogramming Music 2001, Sacred Sound

Seireenia 2000, Projekt

Presumed Guilty 1998, Misanthropy

The World and Everything In It 1997, Tursa


Other Contributions and Collaborations:

The Gault, Even As All Before Us 2005, Amortout/Flood The Earth

Ludicra, Another Great Love Song 2004, Alternative Tentacles

S.Q.E., The Abyss Stars Back 2004, Influx Communications

Two Gallants, The Throes 2004, Alive Records

Culper Ring, 355 2003, Neurot Recordings

Dimlaia, Dimlaia 2003, Life Is Abuse/Stonehenge Records

Today Is The Day, Sadness Will Prevail 2002, Relapse

Lost Goat, The Dirty Ones 2002, Tee Pee

Weakling, Dead As Dreams 2001, Tursa

Neurosis, Sun That Never Sets 2001, Relapse

Steve Von Till, As The Crow Flies 2001, Neurot Recordings

Neurosis, Times of Grace 1999, Relapse/Play It Again Sam

Tribes of Neurot, Grace 1999, Neurot Recordings

Matmos, The West 1998, Deluxe Records

Body Lovers, Number One of Three 1998, Young God Records

Swans, Swans Are Dead 1998, Young God Records

Swans, Soundtracks for the Blind 1996, Young God Records

Neurosis, Through Silver in Blood 1996, Relapse/Play It Again Sam

Tribes of Neurot, Silver Blood Transmission 1995, Release Entertainment

Neurosis, Enemy of The Sun 1994, Alternative Tentacles

Neurosis, Souls at Zero 1992, Alternative Tentacles

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MP3: Frozen In Amber - Aurora
MP3: Frozen In Amber - Black Waltz
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